Update of metadata of the Street Names of Catalonia v1r0 (NomsCarrerCat)

15/10/2020 18:40

Visit the IDEC Catalogue to check the metadata of the Street Names of Catalonia v1.0 data set, containing the street geographical names of the municipalities of Catalonia update up to 29th September 2020.

This data set is composed of a text table which is aimed to cover the needs for normalising these names in different databases containing information about postal addresses, as well as for having a complete and updated list with the street names of the whole Catalan territory, with the view to reuse them in a variety of applications.

It has been produced by the Geographic and Geologic Institute of Catalonia.

The metadata describes the content and characteristics of the product and allow accessing to the geographic resources related (data downloading and technical specifications):

Additionally, you can access to the IDEC website for downloading this product.